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Through visual journals from our Nature's Best Photography (NBP) Ambassadors, witness and explore destinations many of us may never visit, or you may be inspired by these views into the wild to make your own plans for adventure. Matthew and William Burrard-Lucas (left), both passionate about nature, photography, and travel, have volunteered to share their experiences in the field through showing us the beautiful as well as the areas of concern. Sign up for updates and get a sample of the stories from the NBP Ambassadors on our BLOG: The Chimpanzees of Mahale by the Burrard-Lucas brothers.

NBP Ambassadors in the Spring / Summer 2010 issue:

• The Burrard-Lucas brothers in Africa experimenting with a remote-control camera they developed.
• Our NBP Students editor, Gabby Salazar, and her travels.
• Emerging photographer Rick Stanley in South America.
• A program to bring flashlights to a tribe in Kenya, by Dee Ann Pederson.

NBP Ambassadors in the Spring / Summer 2011 issue:
• NBP advisor, Chase Pickering, shares his trip to photograph the celebration of Dr. Jane Goodall's 50th anniversary of her work with the chimpanzees at Gombe, Tanzania.
• The Burrard-Lucas brothers share the results of a recent trip to south Australia.
More Online projects, stories, and photos to come on imageHunters.org.

Do you travel the globe?
Join the Nature's Best Photography Ambassador team:

The process is simple. The details:
• It is a volunteer role. There are no sponsors for this program as of yet, but if you know of an individual or corporation with an interest in participation, we will promote them as well.
• You will be acting as a representative of Nature's Best Photography, and must possess a passion for photography, be skilled in communication, be knowledgeable about your project, including animal behavior and location risks, be in sufficient health and financially capable to carry out your mission and willing to adapt to adverse conditions as they are presented. NBP will be counting on you to make friends, make great images, and share lots of wonderful stories.
• You must submit an electronic portfolio of images, awards, and your published work for review.
• You do not have to be a pro photographer, but you must have passion, drive, and creativity.
• You must have plans or a project destination with an outline of travel details and project goals.
• We will promote your work through a multimedia platform of magazine publication, web features, online galleries, and we are interested in video content for TV opportunities as well.
• We will provide endorsement letters and documents to assist your access to areas and researchers where tourists are usually not permitted.

Before you begin the application process, please contact Steve Freligh to discuss your ideas, travel plans, projects and background, for us to help advise a direction to follow. E-mail: sfreligh@naturesbestphotography.com.

We look forward to speaking with those interested in exploring the world through this exciting program to expand our view on the natural world. Ambassador opportunities may also include participation in our Nature's Best Photography Fund as it becomes a new 501(c)(3):
• Contributing ideas for immediate program management solutions.
• Participation in programs, events and future planning.
• Promotion assistance and alliance development.
• Funding assistance as opportunities