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Nature's Best Photography Fund Mission

To discover and display the creative talents of nature photographers, filmmakers, and outdoor enthusiasts of allages, cultures, and levels of experience and to use this visually dynamic and information-rich medium as a global resource for public education, artistic expression, wellness inspiration, and conservation motivation. 

The Nature’s Best Photography Fund was established as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) public charity to assist and support the development of large format exhibitions at museums and galleries as well as the annual Award celebration events that accompany them. What we have witnessed over the years is the meaningful impact a single image or film can make on children and families alike, inspiring discussions, imaginative perspectives, and most importantly a greater appreciation for nature.

We focus on how to best recognize and promote the many photographers who dedicate their time and energy to share with us the natural wonders of Earth. Ultimately, it is their images and films that will reach and enlighten the general public while inspiring greater interest in the stewardship of our natural heritage.

Our photo programs are open to everyone who has a favorite image of nature to share. Whether you are a professional, amateur, or just beginning your journey into nature photography, we encourage your participation. Every level of experience is equal in our eyes as it is the image itself and the story it tells that determines our selection for publication and exhibition.

The Nature's Best Photography Fund is supported by the public for public presentation and we need your help to reach the goals we have set forth. 

Nature's Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International Awards

This program has become one of the most widely respected nature photography awards in the world. It includes an annual photography competition, large-format print exhibitions along with videos and numerous online gallery features. Your support will help us do the following:
• Enhance ways in which we communicate the beauty and importance of nature through the art of photography and film in publications, exhibitions, and social media presentations.
• Allow us to travel exhibitions, making it available to museums and galleries worldwide.
• Allow us to grow the Nature’s Best Ambassador program to extend our connection with photographers worldwide as they explore the wild, participate in research projects, and document their ongoing adventures in the field.
• Support presentations of nature photography and film, blending still imagery and video footage into television programming and HD video displays for exhibitions and online displays.

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